The Drug Delivery Research Group

Drug delivery research group meeting room

The main objective of ‘Drug Delivery’ research is to safely and efficiently target drugs or bioactive compounds to their site of action through the process of pharmaceutical formulation, utilisation of new technologies and systems. Here in AUT, we are not only interested in optimising drug delivery to humans but also to animals and aquamarine species.

Most drugs and new bio-active molecules or agents such as probiotics, vaccines and pesticides are either insoluble or unstable which minimise their effectiveness. It is often necessary to incorporate these agents into biocompatible formulations that can protect them from degradation as well as making the delivery approach target specific, localised and more efficient. Novel drug delivery approaches usually result in enhanced therapeutic efficiency as well as reduced side effects and cost.

Currently, we work on a number of 3D printed, nano and microcapsule based drug delivery systems for human and veterinary applications. The choice of drug delivery system depends on many factors including: physicochemical properties of the drug or bio-actives, drug delivery environment, drug release timeline, scale-up costs and applications.


Auckland University of Technology has partnered with PharmaCann New Zealand Ltd to research the development of medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand.

A recent proposal to MPI’s Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF), led by Dr Ali Seyfoddin, successfully secured $300K to develop a new feed for farmed paua in New Zealand.

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