Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Biomedical science and biotechnology have revolutionised research over the past decade, stimulating growth in industries like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, veterinary science and medical research. Biomedical science is the most rapidly developing area in biological sciences, and demand for biomedical graduates is expected to grow.

If you're interested in emerging areas of medical and health sciences and how they can improve human and animal health, the Biomedical Science major could be right for you. You gain an understanding of fundamental physiology and biomedical research, working with the latest laboratory techniques and equipment. AUT has specialist biomedical labs with analytical equipment not available at any other New Zealand university.

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Dr Seyfoddin leads the following Biomedical courses and teaches in to the pharmacology course:

Biol741- Natural compounds
Explains the importance of natural compounds and their applications in biomedical science and industry.

Biol742 – Biomedical science
Explores advanced methods used for biomedical research and the protocol to conduct biomedical research.

Biol743 – Biomedical technology
Explores the technologies used in biomedical research, including nano-technology, 3D printing and engineering of medical devices.

Phmy701- Pharmacology for professional practice
Explores the pharmacology of commonly used drugs and the application of this to various clinical situations. Considers the responsibilities of the health professional in relation to drug therapy and with regard to political, social, and cultural considerations, pharmacology science, legislation, and ethical practice